Photo Restoration


Here is an example of a simple photo restoration.  A damaged black and white print was scanned and copied to the computer.  Using mostly Photoshop’s Clone Stamp and Healing Brush along with dynamic range adjustments the damaged areas of the image were restored.  Once the restoration was complete, a soft focus glow filter was used to achieve a slight high key look.  Questions and comments are allows welcome and appreciated.

The Washington Monument Candle

Here’s how I turned the Washington Monument into a candle by combining two photos, the Washington Monument and a lit candle, in Photoshop using the displacement map tool.  The final result has made for a great birthday card.


Dan’s Guitar

I find it interesting to see where an image started out.  Here is an example of an image as shot straight from the camera, a Nikon D300.  It started life as a RAW file and is presented here pre-RAWw processing.  The second image is the final processed file.  This image was processed using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop (no third party plugins – although I do like and use third party plugins).